TRE 9 Stand Up for eBooks – review of Book Gem holder

My review of the BookGem eBook holder, which I purchased for $14.95 from . In the video I demonstrate how it works with a Kindle, a nook, a Sony Reader Daily Edition, and a Kindle DX. The only one I tried that did not work well with this useful holder was my original Kindle, because the spring-loaded clamps landed on the keyboard.

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2 Responses to “TRE 9 Stand Up for eBooks – review of Book Gem holder”

  1. Mary McManus Says:

    Len, I have the Book Gem and it is just excellent with print books. I know that print books is not what this is about, but I still read some library books because at 100+ a year, I can’t afford all of them for the Kindle.

    iTunes told me that I could not play this podcast on my iPhone, so I played it on the computer. Do you know why it will not work on the phone? Is it high def? I wonder if that will be different on the iPad.

  2. Len Edgerly Says:

    Mary, I made this video too large to play on iPad and iTunes. I’ve made a note to choose a smaller size next time….