About Len Edgerly

Len Edgerly, a graduate of Harvard College (1972) and the Harvard Business School (1977) has worked as a business journalist at The Providence (R.I.) Journal-Bulletin, editor of an energy magazine in Casper, Wyoming, and an executive at a natural gas company based in Denver.  After early retirement, he earned a Masters in Fine Arts in poetry from Bennington College in 2003 and has served on arts policy boards, including the Western States Arts Federation, the Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs, and the New England Foundation for the Arts.

He is the author of two Kindle titles at the Amazon Store, A Poet’s Progress at Bennington – Vol. 1 and Cold Turkey in Paradise: Twelve Days off the Internet at Maho Bay.  His blog, Len Edgerly: Random Reflections,  is also available for Kindle Subscription.

He and his wife divide their time between Denver and Cambridge, Mass.  He has been podcasting since December, 2006 at the Audio Pod Chronicles and Video Pod Chronicles.  The Kindle Chronicles, his Friday podcast all about the Kindle, made its debut in July, 2008. In Denver, he serves as board president at a downtown high-rise condominium.

He owns an original Kindle, Kindle 2 (US only), Kindle DX, a nook, and a Sony Daily Edition.  He will assuredly be standing in line at an Apple store in late March to buy an Apple iPad in order to check out the iBooks app and store.

Email: Len AT TheReadingEdge DOT com

Audio comments line: 206-666-2713