TRE 13 Douglas Rushkoff

Douglas Rushkoff, author of Life, Inc.: How the World Became A Corporation And How To Take It Back (Hardcover, Kindle), was a featured speaker today at South by Southwest Interactive. His topic was “Program or Be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age.”

After signing his books (including the staged “signing” of the copy I’d downloaded to my Kindle, in photo at right), Doug agreed to do an interview for the podcast while I drove him to the airport for his flight home to New York. This gave me a chance to hear his views about the role of eBooks in the long sweep of history that he is considering these days in his critique of Internet culture and the corporatization of life in general.

Despite his weighty obsessions and somber views, Douglas Rushkoff in person is full of life and wit.  He described his preparation for an appearance in July, 2009, on the Colbert Report interview hot seat, and I’ve included the audio of that encounter at the end of the podcast. Click here for the video.

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5 Responses to “TRE 13 Douglas Rushkoff”

  1. Gregr209 Says:

    The interview was great but he won’t get any sales from me after his crack about Fox! There is a difference between Fox, MSNBC, and CNN. At least we know where Fox is coming from where MSNBC and CNN pretend to be fair and balanced.

  2. Joel Says:

    Interesting interview – I’m curious about his “Bezos is a Republican” comment. Seems like an unwarrented assertion/slander (you pick) since public records ( show Bezos giving more to Democrats than Republicans. The Amazon PAC likewise gives more to Democrats (though more even between the two).

  3. Gregr209 Says:

    The entire political spin he was spinning turned me off.

  4. len Says:

    I’m not surprised that Doug’s political comments generated some feedback here. It confirms my own policy of keeping my politics out of my coverage of the Kindle and eBooks, thanks to a correction I received from a listener about a year ago. The fact is that readers of eBooks come from all points of the spectrum, and my goal is to be a resource to all, no matter what our differences on other issues.

  5. Gregr209 Says:

    Well said Len 🙂

    By the way I love your podcasts! You do a great job and a service to the ebook community. By the way the other day I purchased a Nook but didn’t open it. After much soul searching and forum reading (and after placing my iPad order) I took the Nook back. Oh boy the manager was NOT happy. Oh well 🙂 at least I hadn’t opened it.