TRE 31 Copia Calling

Anthony Antolino

Tony Antolino, senior vice president of DMC Worldwide and a co-creator of Copia, has been involved with Copia from its beginnings about two years ago.  DMC Worldwide is a privately held company with a 56-year history. Copia is just about to launch via applications for desktop, iPad and browser, and they expect to begin offering e-reader devices in the fall.

The Copia Beta that I’ve been trying reminds me of Goodreads, the social network for readers launched in December of 2006 that now has 3.5 million members who have added 100 million book titles.  There’s also LibraryThing which describes itself as a community of 1 million book lovers.  So there is lots of competition in this promising area of social media for readers. Copia appears to be a serious entrant, with 100 DMC employees having worked on the project full time for two years.

My interview with Tony took place by Skype and phone on August 18, 2010. Click here for a March, 2010, video of Tony talking with O’Reilly Media’s Joe Wikert

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4 Responses to “TRE 31 Copia Calling”

  1. Steven Schwindt Says:

    I found your interview with this guy the most boring interview I ever heard on your podcasts. I have no interest Copia. I am getting a new Kindle 3 next week, updating from a Kindle 1, and all I want to do is read on my Kindle. I have not listened to the entire interview as I do not want to hear about Copia.

  2. Bill Fragaszy Says:

    Hi Len, I posted a tweet to let you know that you gave the wrong twitetr address for copia. It should be @TheCopia. Anyway, I requested a beta invitation to see what it will be like. While I don’t usually use book suggestions from people I don’t know, I think anything that encourages reading is good. I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s like.

  3. Patrick Scott Says:

    I love all things ‘tech’ and particularly all things ‘ereader’ but, as Steven stated, that was the most boring, uninformative –almost painful– interview so far. If was almost as if they had not yet quite decided what the final product is going to be. If Anthony struggled to make the Copia product/software interesting –and he should know Copia through and through– I can just imagine how exciting the actual Copia and ereaders are going to be.

  4. Caroline in NH Says:

    Are you going to be doing any reviews on the new Sonys coming out? (Or Sony’s puzzling decision to keep their prices considerably higher than the Kindle & others)