TRE 15 Katherine Tasheff

On March 13, 2010, Katherine Tasheff was a panelist at one of the most buzz-worthy sessions of South by Southwest Interactive, titled “iPad: New Opportunities for Content Creators.” She is executive director, digital media and marketing at Hyperion.

I interviewed Katherine immediately after the panel, and we discussed many topics related to eBooks, including pricing, Hyperion’s enlightened belief that “windowing” eBook titles for delayed release does not make sense, and what the iPad may make possible for publishers.

It’s refreshing to find someone as tuned into the digital world as Katherine is, working within an established publishing house. Bravo, Hyperion!

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2 Responses to “TRE 15 Katherine Tasheff”

  1. karen wester newton Says:

    Wow! Refreshing is the word! She gets that ebook readers are not the same people as hardcover buyers! Whoo hoo!

    Also encouraging that she is planning ahead for multi-media/enhanced ebooks rather than just jumping feet first into iPad-land. I appreciated her comments on the reading experience in relation to fiction and nonfiction and social media.

    I am now expecting great things from Hyperion.

  2. Kathy Vanderwel Says:

    Great podcast. Finally someone in publishing is positive about ebooks and readers.