TRE 28 Review of the Kobo Reader

The Kobo Reader, at $150, costs less than the Kindle 6-inch and the nook, and does less, too. But the Kobo’s svelte profile and light weight make it convenient for reading in some settings. In all, it’s an attractive new entry in the e-book sweepstakes. All three of these e-ink readers have advantages over the iPad, which I find I’m using less and less for reading books.

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4 Responses to “TRE 28 Review of the Kobo Reader”

  1. Kathy Vanderwel Says:

    Thanks Len – good presentation.

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  3. Tal Givoly Says:

    I liked your blog and referenced it in my single post about the topic of eReaders titled “The Kindle is dead, long live the Kindle!”. Would love to get your take on my thoughts there.
    Keep it up!

  4. Tal Givoly Says:

    Ah, forgot link, it’s at